1) As preparation of any competitive exam demands dedication from students. Therefore, it is expected from
students to be sincere, dedicated and hard working.
2) In case, the teachers feel that the student is not working hard, creating indiscipline, bullying students or teachers
or staff at the Centre or using unfair means in the Institute, irregular in attendance, not responding properly,
posting or spreading wrong & negative messages/communication over social media and/or messaging platforms,
then he/she may be expelled from the Institute. The decision of the Centre Incharge in this regard will be final and
binding on the student/parent. No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in such cases.
3) If any student is continuously absent for more than 15 days without any prior written application/intimation,
he/she will not be allowed to attend/join the classes and will not be given any test paper(s), he/she may be
deemed to be expelled from the Institute. No separate intimation will be sent to the parents. No fee or part of the
fee paid/encased will be refunded in such cases. The decision of the Managing Centre Head in this regard will be
final and binding on the students & parents.
4) The responsibility of getting the entrance exam admission/application form duly filled and forwarded to the
examining body is that of the student himself/herself or that of the Parents/Guardian. The Institute will not be
responsible for this activity.
5) It is for the student himself/herself to see whether he/she is eligible for a particular examination or not. The
Institute does not hold itself responsible if a student's admission form cannot be forwarded or is rejected by the
examining body on any ground whatsoever. Such a student cannot claim a refund of the whole or any part of the
fee he/she has paid to the Institute.
6) If any student is caught employing unfair practices during tests, he/she is liable for immediate removal from the
examination hall, and no refund of the fee paid shall be made.
7) Study materials provided during classes or otherwise will only be given to students who have been absent with
prior notice from their parents.
8) If a student is absent or misses a test, he/she can collect his/her question paper from the office within 10 days from
the date of the test. However, failing to do so, he/she will not get the question paper.
9) Students enrolled with Second School have to provide a photocopy of the Admit Card of various Foundations Level
/Medical/Engineering Entrance Exams, as soon as they receive their admit cards from the examining body
before/during Test Series, failing which the student shall not be allowed to attend free Test Series & will not be
given Test papers. This collection is solely for the purpose of keeping records of the results of our students.
10) The refund and transfer policy will be applicable as per prospectus/terms and condition of Second School.
11) Each student will be issued an identity card. Entry into the classes/institute will only with an Identity Card. If a
student has not received the ID Card and classes have started, he/she must bring a fee receipt copy with him/her
for entry into the institute classes, if the identity card of a student is lost/misplaced, a duplicate I-card can be asked
from the Institute against payment of 100/-. If any student is found to be misusing the I-card, he/she will be
rusticated from the Institute.
12) If the payment of the fees whether in whole or installment, is made through cheques, the admission of such
student shall be subjected to clearance of the payment from the bank. If the Cheque is not cleared due to any
reason whatsoever, Second School reserves the right to hold or terminate the admission of such students until
such payment is cleared. In such cases, if the cheque is not cleared a fine of Rs 200, shall be levied on the
student/parent or guardian.
13) No student is allowed to carry a mobile phone/iPod/tablet in the classes or during the tests unless specifically
instructed by the Institute. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/theft of a cell phone or any other personal
device that the student carries to the Institute.
14) Second School reserves the right to make any alteration in its programs/venue/timing and days of classes without
any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the Centre head will be final and binding on the students and parents.
15) The Institute reserves the right to change the location of any facility as needed, without prior notice to students or
parents accommodate its requirements.
16) For each change requested in the Second School Centre phase, course/stream change, transfer of batch,
student/parent shall be liable to pay an amount of INR 1000/-. These changes are made once in a session.
1) It is the responsibility of the parents to submit the fee for their ward on time as per the schedule given in the
prospectus. They should not expect reminders or calls from the Institute.
2) Student/parent/guardian, hereby declare that at the time of filling the application form, they have read,
understood, and accepted the terms and conditions.
3) Parents can meet the centre-in-charge for any inquiry about their ward's progress or any other problem concerning
their ward with prior appointment.
4) Any change in Permanent/Correspondence Address, Mobile No. (student & parent) & E-mail ID should be notified
in writing to the appropriate centre within 10 days of such change.
5) The Second School centre holds no responsibility if a student fails to attend offline classes or choose to skip the
classes without notification.
6) It is compulsory/mandatory to provide a complete and correct e-mail ID / Mobile No. of the Student / Parents /
Guardian. The result of tests or any other information of the Institute will be sent to the student by SMS and on
his/her Email ID. The Institute shall not be responsible for the non-receipt of any information regarding the result or
anything else owing to non-supply or supply of incorrect information in the Admission Form at the time of
admission in this regard or for technical glitches beyond the control of the Institute. Non-receipt of information
through SMS or e-mail should be promptly notified to the appropriate branch/centre for necessary steps.
7) Do Not Disturb (DND): Second School may also contact the student/parent through SMS, WhatsApp, email and call
to give notifications on various important updates. Therefore, Second School shall not be liable for any loss or claim
including financial penalties, damages or expenses, in case the student/parent does not receive notifications due to
a mobile number registered with Do Not Disturb (DND).
8) Second School reserves the right to make any alteration/modifications in its course/programs without any prior
9) Second School fee will not be refundable or change if due to any uncertain situation like COVID in the coming
10) The Institute reserves the right to discontinue / rusticate a student from the enrolled course, in case any of the
parents/ guardians are found to be misconducting, using foul language, or issuing threats over the phone, email, or
in person toward the Institute/Institute or any of the staff members of the branch / centre or Head Office of the
11) The Institute is responsible for providing teaching and administrative staff to all its students for the course. In case
of exit or movement of any teacher or faculty member at any branch/centre, the parent/guardian is not permitted
or allowed to create any discord or hooliganism at the branch/centre. A proper grievance should be registered with
the competent authority, which will be resolved as soon as possible.
1. Eligibility:
i. It is for the students themselves to determine whether he/she is eligible for a particular competitive entrance
examination or not. The Company and/or the branch/centres shall not be held liable in the event that a
student's admission form cannot be forwarded or is rejected by the examining body on any ground
whatsoever. Such a student cannot claim a refund of the whole or any part of the fee he/she has paid to the
ii. It shall be the sole responsibility of the students to procure and forward duly filled and completed entrance
exam admission application forms to the concerned examining bodies. The Company owes no duty in this
regard and shall not be held responsible for any failure on the part of the student in this regard.
2) Force Majeure: The Company and/or branches/centres shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its
total or in part. If such delay or failure is due to any cause(s) including, but are not limited to, acts of God,
strikes, lockouts, riots, lockdown, government restrictions, sanctions, wars, terrorism, insurrections, civil
disturbances, earthquake, weather, fire, epidemic, pandemic, lockdown, explosions, and/or any other cause
beyond the reasonable control of the Company ("Force Majeure Event"). The Company and/or
centres/branches shall not be held liable for any loss and/or damage of life or property due to any
mishappening and/or accident at the company and/or branch/centre due to the reason of Force Majeures
Event. Furthermore, it is further understood that in the case for any reason on the account of which classes
can't be held at any branch/centre of the Company, such classes may be held/conducted in online mode in the
interim in compliance with the laws, rules and/or regulations as may be applicable under the law for time being
in force. Accordingly, no refund shall be given to any student, parent, or guardian in such a case. However,
classes may not be conducted in any mode classes (offline and/or online) if the running of the classes is
prohibited as per the applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, during such period Force Majeure event. No
refund shall be made to any student/parent/guardian in this respect.
1) In case any additional GST or any kind of taxes are levied by the Govt. or as per any law, on any type
scholarship/concession given to the students at the time of admission or during the course progress, the same will be
charged/recovered from the students/parents from the date of enforcement of the act by the government.
2) In case the government levies any kind of tax or increases the existing GST by 18%, then, such additional liability will
be payable by the student/parent from the date from which such tax or increase.
1) The Company reserves the right to use the single/group photograph (s) and name of the student for publicity in all
kinds of media, if the student secures position/ rank or succeeds in any Foundations/ Medical / Engineering Entrance
Exams in India or any test at international level at any time. In addition to the photograph, the Company also reserves
the right to record video-audio testimonials of the student & parent for the purpose of referencing or promotion, as
required by the company stage during and/or after completion of the course for the purpose of publicity in all kinds
of media. No separate permission will be taken from parents/students.
We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. This summary provides data during the admission process.
• Information We Collect - We collect personal information such as your name, contact details, educational history, and
documents provided in your application.
• How We Use Your Information - We use your data to process your admission application, communicate with you, and
ensure the accuracy of your information.
• Disclosure of Your Information - We may share your data with trusted third-party service providers and educational
institutions related to your application.
• Your Rights - You have the right to access and correct your data. If you have questions or need assistance, please
contact us at secondschoolinstitute@gmail.com.
• Data Retention - We keep your data only as long as is needed to fulfill the admission process unless required by law.
• Data Security - We take measures to protect your data but cannot guarantee absolute security.
• Changes to this Privacy Policy - We may update this policy, and you will be notified of changes upon request.
We understand that there are genuine cases in which a student seeks a transfer. Thus, we have in place a transfer policy
for your convenience. Steps to apply for transfer:-
• Transfer Fee: INR 1000/-
• A student/parent or guardian shall submit a written application stating the reason for seeking a transfer at their
respective Centre or institute addressed to the centre head.
• Student/parent or guardian shall attach all supporting documents justifying the transfer.
• Transfer of students from one centre to another will be carried out only on the basis of the availability of seats.
• At the time of joining the transferee branch / centre, submit the following documents- Residential address proof,
where such transfer was sought citing a change of residential address or transfer/posting letter of parents. Details of
fees paid at the transfer or branch / centre duly certified by the Centre-In-Charge.
• Branch change will only be allowed once